Vote to keep our well-run city working

Helen Henning, Fish Hoek

I need to share my experiences with the City of Cape Town versus the City of Tshwane (Pretoria) for those who may not appreciate the consequences of not voting next year.

Yesterday evening, I bought prepaid electricity on my banking app. Unusually I didn’t receive my token straight away. When I called the council before 8am this morning, the phone was answered quickly and my problem sorted out immediately.

I have sold a house in Pretoria. Although I need the money, transfer can’t take place as part of the council has been on strike for at least two months. I need a rates-clearance certificate before transfer can take place.

I also urgently need plans from the council that are needed by the fire department. These are also impossible to get, and my architect is afraid to even go to that part of town at the moment.

These two issues are causing me unnecessary stress and financial cost. Cape Town functions. Even if it is not perfect, nothing is.

Tshwane is a nightmare. Next year, please vote to keep our beautiful, well-run city working as it is now.