What about makeshift shelter area?

J Beute, Muizenberg

I feel privileged, often, to be able to walk the scenic sea walk from Muizenberg to St James.

I then circulate back along Boyes Drive, or, along the scenic mountain path, above Boyes Drive.

On Friday September 23, I noticed that some of the new stainless steel walkway railing had been vandalised and removed.

This is at a point, approximately halfway towards St James, at the steps, down onto the rocks below.

I reported the removal to one of the parks officers at the promenade.

Hopefully, it will be repaired and the walkway somehow, possibly, better vigiled, stopping further removal.

Upon walking back from St James, for months now, I noticed the following: The bushy mountain slopes, directly behind, and to the side of the Muizenberg police station, has now become a makeshift shelter area for the many homeless, dotted all over.

There is a gentle, pleasant rock paved path that traverses this area, all the way down, from Boyes Drive, to the park below.

I often used to walk down this path. For obvious reasons though, I now no longer walk there, choosing rather to detour to the safer steps route, above the Synagogue.

• Ward councillor Aimee Kuhl responds: Street people are a city wide issue. The vagrants behind Muizenberg police station have been removed numerous times and the Illegal dumping unit have assisted with the removal of waste on site.

Authorities continue to be hand strung with high court orders and legal red tape preventing public spaces from being protected from criminals posing as destitute individuals.