What about the noise?

Keith Commerford, Muizenberg

I am complaining about the noise the pupils of Muizenberg High School make going to and from school.

They gather on the corner of Windermere and Dover roads using profanity, screeching and shouting loudly. I have contacted the previous school principal, Leonie Jacobsen, and she said she would do something about it. To date, nothing has been done

In the afternoon after school, the cacophony gets worse plus there is loud, tinny cellphone tinny music. What am I to do?

• Muizenberg High School acting principal Paul Cupido said he was not aware of the complaint as no one had approached him about it. He said residents with complaints about the noise were welcome to talk to him at the school. He said he wanted to work with the school’s neighbours to discuss the matter and find a solution. He can be contacted at 021 788 1424.