What about the superette?

Jenny Birkett, Kommetjie

I enjoy your publication and appreciate the access to local news that it gives us. Thank you.

However, I was disappointed in your recent article about the Kommetjie fire (“History up in flames,” Echo November 25). Although you gave some interesting history of the building, there was no mention of the people who have been running the busy superette for many years.

They had established a good and thriving business which had become a hub and key resource in Kommetjie. The Bangladeshi family who owned the business employed a number of people, who will all have lost their livelihoods. They must also have suffered huge losses with all the stock held in the shop.

I find it a sad omission that there was no mention of them and their losses, only those of the owner of the building and the tenants upstairs. I certainly, and I’m sure most of the residents of Kommetjie and beyond who used the superette extensively, would have been keen to know about their plight and situation as well, as they have become a part of our lives.