Where are the traffic services?

A taxi on the pavement in De Waal Drive.

Tony Nicholas, Lakeside

Almost daily, taxis park with free abandon on the pavement directly in front of my grandson’s school in De Waal Road, Fish Hoek. Then, when turning right, with children in the car, into Beach Road, there are taxis driving erratically up the one way.

What is not a daily occurrence is seeing any of our authorities, that we pay tax for, in the area dealing with the lawlessness. Complaints from the school also appear to bring no response.

• Richard Coleman, spokesperson for City Traffic Services, responds:

The City’s Traffic Service acknowledged the complaint and will liaise with officers to do enforcement in De Waal Road. The Traffic Service has impounded taxis in De Waal Road in the past and will act against those taxis that operate and park illegally.