Family search for missing former boxer

Attwell Ace Manona has been missing for six years.

Retired army sergeant, Watutu Attwell Gaika, wakes up every morning with a heartache.

Six years ago, just days after his family buried their 62-year old uncle, Mbuyiselo Manona, who was killed in Gugulethu, his father Attwell Ace Manona disappeared without a trace.

“My father was an Alzheimer’s disease patient and when he disappeared we were hopeful that he would return soon but the focus and attention was on the murder case at hand,” Watutu told False Bay Echo on Sunday morning.

Ace was reported missing a week after his brother’s funeral.

Watutu and his sisters believe that he is still alive.

Watutu said the family have visited countless mortuaries and sangomas.

“My father would have been 82 years this year, we just want to make peace with his destiny if he is dead,” said Watutu.

Remembered as a strict disciplinarian, Ace was a professional boxer in the late 1960s.

Boxing authority has Manona on eight fights, winning six of his bouts with knockouts and losing two.

During a family gathering just before the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Watutu’s friend and neighbour, Boyce Mdlangu, playfully shadowboxed in front of Ace.

The result was a devastating short right uppercut, with Ace telling him that he liked to play dangerous games.

Watutu’s only dream is to see his father alive or at least get his remains.

“Bring me his bones, I will enjoy my sleep,” said Watutu.

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