Grapple squad

Nadine Furst, Lyndall Sandenbergh, Mec Crain, Mitchell Domoney and Tristan Wallace.

Members of Mec’s Martial Arts, including coaches Mec Crain and Lyndall Sandenbergh, took part in the South African Grappling Association (SAGA) National Championships held at Coetzenberg stadium, in Stellenbosch, at the weekend. Crain won the 2019 SAGA Advanced Masters Men’s No-Gi Submission Grappling and Sandenbergh won the SAGA Advanced Veterans Women’s Middleweight No-Gi Submission. Nadine Furst came second in her division becoming the 2019 SAGA Advanced Veteran Women’s Lightweight No-GI Reserve Champion. All the members of Mec’s Martial Arts who competed returned home with medals.