Mlata and Hela: Career paths ignite rivalry

Khaya Mlata watches as his opponent Nasiphi Mdlangazi hits the canvas in their catchweight bout at the weekend.

In the world of boxing or any combat sport for that matter, the pre-fight build-up is often as captivating as fights itself.

More especially when young talents with big egos step into the spotlight, each convinced they are the best in their class.

For fight fans, it’s a spectacle to enjoy, a waiting game to see who can back up their claims in the ring.

Fresh off a thunderous first-round knockout over the weekend, Khaya Mlata found himself in a face-to-face showdown with another rising star, Anele Hela.

It’s a sight to see for those who love the scrap as the two young pugilists engaged in a heated exchange, each challenging the others skills-set.

While the prospect of a clash between the two eager fighters may not materialise immediately, the anticipation for the future is palpable.

Both Mlata and Hela, still in the early stages of their careers, promise an exciting journey ahead, leaving fans eager to see how their paths unfold and who will emerge as the true force in their super bantamweight division.

Mlata’s weekend knockout was nothing short of spectacular—a display of skill and power that left the crowd in awe. Nasiphi Mdlangazi was the victim of the KO.

As Mlata exited the ring at the Jack Brice Promoted event in Ottery, he couldn’t resist stopping in front of Hela to exchange a few choice words.

With this recent victory, Mlata moved his record to 3-0, boasting two stoppages in his young career.

On the other side of the ring, Hela maintains a respectable record of 2-0. Both fighters made their professional debut just a year ago, and the rivalry between them is already heating up, promising fireworks in the future.

Even if they are not destined to meet in the squared circle, their career paths are seemingly enough competition already.

Anele Hela and Khaya Mlata had a few words at the Ottery event.
Anele Hela and Khaya Mlata… the challenge is on.
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