Popular goalkeeper loses battle against cancer

Kyle Davids played NFD footballl for Ubuntu FC.

The football scene was once
again caught off guard with
the announcement of the
death of Ubuntu FC goalkeeper Kyle Davids, last

The former Milano goalkeeper, from Parkwood,
succumbed after a long battle with cancer.
His mother, Lorna,
described him as “one in a
This, she said, was
because of the way he handled himself, at home and
in the community. 
“He was a good-mannered young man. A nonsmoker and non-drinker.
He was humble and used
to coach children here in
Parkwood. They are devastated,” she said. 
“I miss him.
I still can’t believe he’s gone
but, considering the pain he
went through, I know he is
resting now.” 
Ubuntu FC managing
director, Casey Prince,
described the loss as a big
one, not only for the club
but South African football in
Prince said Davids,
25, played with Ubuntu
for each of their two years
in the National First Division (NFD). Then, in the
first half of this season, he
played in the ABC Motsepe
League before moving to
Glendene United.
“It’s amazing to see the
outpouring of support and
care that Kyle’s story has
That shows what
kind of impact his life has
had,” said Prince.
“Kyle was hardworking,
loyal, and really supportive
of his goalkeeping brothers. 
It’s tough in that position because you might not
play often, but he came
to work and trained hard,
and was very supportive of
the others. He had great
field-playing skills, which is
how he picked up the name
‘Ter Stegen’ (after the German and FC Barcelona goalkeeper).” 
Prince also noted that
Davids’s biggest attribute
was his perseverance and
his passion for his community. 
“He was determined to
keep going, and part of that
was to set a great example
for the people of Parkwood. Kyle is a big loss to the
football community and for
Parkwood. He set such a great
example and really was
inspiring the young people
there to dream bigger.
Most teammates were aware
of the fight Kyle was enduring. Some of his teammates
and I were fortunate to participate in his baptism about
a week before he died, so we
got to celebrate that special
time with him. They talked
about how that experience
has changed them,” he
Safa-Cape Town took to
Facebook to share their condolences. 
“Twenty-five-yearold Ubuntu FC goalkeeper
Kyle Davids has tragically
departed this morning. The
former GladAfrica Championship goalkeeper succumbed to his battle with
“We as Safa-Cape Town
Region would like to convey
our deepest condolences to
the family and friends of
Kyle Davids and the entire
football fraternity.”