Western Province Rugby to take over CT Stadium

The Cape Town Stadium.
The Western Province Rugby (WPR) will become the Primary Anchor Tenant of the Cape Town Stadium from 1 February 2021.

Despite this agreement, the Cape Town Stadium will remain a multipurpose facility for a variety of sporting and other events. 

Western Province Rugby Group Chief Executive Officer, Paul Zacks, said: “The City and WPR have agreed on a mutually beneficial revenue sharing model whereby WPR will have preferential access to play all of its senior professional rugby matches at the Cape Town Stadium. This is a new era for WP Rugby, Cape Town and for its people.”

All stakeholders have also agreed to the construction of additional suites at Cape Town Stadium.

Deputy Mayor, Ian Neilson, said: “The Cape Town Stadium is well on its way to becoming a more financially sustainable entity and this reduces the burden on future generations and ensures that there is yet another world-renowned public asset that all the people in Cape Town can be proud of.”