WP darts player heads for world cup

Vernon Bouwers will battle it out with players from around the world for top honours in darts.

picture: fuad esack

Making his world cup debut, Bouwers, 35, from Mitchell’s Plain, joins Devon Petersen as South Africa’s representatives in the competition, which takes place in Hamburg from today, Thursday June 6.

The duo will battle it out with players representing 31 other countries in the three-day tournament.

Bouwers said a grading system was used and, as a result, he was selected because he was the top ranked player in South Africa.

He also made it clear that as much as they are aware of the tough competition that awaits them, they are there to win it.

“We know what to expect. Northern Island’s Daryl Gurney and Brendan Dolan are among the best in the world.

“There are many others too, so we will have to be at out best,” he said.

Bouwers also noted that their performance in the tournament will depend largely on their state of mind during their matches.

“Darts is a tricky game and you can’t really predict what is going to happen next. It is unlike soccer or other sports where you can rely on preparation only.

“Winning or losing in darts depends on the state of mind you are in during the game.”

Considering his achievements, and the way he plays the game, one might think Bouwers is a seasoned campaigner with loads of experience under his belt.

But, in reality, he’s been playing the game for only four years. And, once he was bitten by the bug, he never looked back. “My mother played darts for many years, so the thought of wanting to play the game one day was always there.

“One day I decided to play, I started to have goals. One of those aims was to one day represent my country at the highest level,” he said.

Now that he is going to the world cup, one might assume that Bouwers has achieved all his goals.

He was, however, quick to dismiss this notion. He made it clear that he still wants to achieve more in the game.

“My next aim is to take part in the PDC Pro Tour Q-School (Qualifying School), which takes place twice a year in the UK. And I know if I continue doing well, I will achieve that.”