Burst pipe causes mudslide

A burst waterpipe near Simon’s Town caused a mudslide in the main road near Harbour Bay Mall.
The area eroded by the burst water pipe.

The City’s water and sanitation teams were on the scene over the weekend repairing a water main near Simon’s Town which burst on Saturday morning April 30.

The damage to the 375 mm diameter pipe caused a mudslide on the main road near Harbour Bay Mall and the road was temporarily closed to allow City officials to clean it.

Ward councillor Simon Liell-Cock said a bulldozer had been on-site yesterday to fill the eroded area with sand.

Mayoral committee member for water and sanitation Zahid Badroodien, said the pipe repairs would only start when the civil works to fill and support the soil structure below the damaged pipe had been completed.

The pipe is located on the foot of the mountainside and the soil surrounding it had been washed away, causing the mudslide.

Mr Liell-Cock said water pressure to Glencairn and surrounds had been restored after a valve had been installed at the pipeline next to Snake Road.

He said the Simon’s Town reservoirs were coping “mostly”, but as the reservoirs would eventually run dry, the water outage would likely spread.

However, he told the Echo yesterday: “There is no need to panic buy water as a water tanker with the purist potable water available is currently stationed at lower Jubilee parking outside the Yacht Club.”

Due to the wash away and the nature of the terrain, he said, giving a time frame was difficult.

This is a developing story.