Cellphone thieves nabbed at accident scene

Two men were caught after they stole a cellphone from an accident scene.

Two caught for illegal catch of fish species

Two men have been arrested after they were caught fishing without a permit.

Kaolin dust warning

Experts say long-term exposure to kaolin dust can cause lung disease.

Read of the Week

Lauren O’Connor-May read Best Recycling Tricks by Willem Steenkamp.

Music Festival

Over 20 artists performed at the Heart FM Music Festival.

Tribute to Buffel

Michael Myekwa and his sand sculpture of Buffel.

Swimming with dolphins

Nigel Riley, of Welcome Glen, took shared pictures of dolphins.

Roman couple share love secrets

Eric and Rosemary Roman say communication is key to a happy marriage.

Residents battle to stop night shooting

The SANDF plans to hold the night shoot on Sunrise Beach on Tuesday February 19.

Hard tooth to swallow

Susanne Swart shares her experience of swallowing her tooth.