Gallery unites artists for a ‘pawsitive’ cause

Twenty local artists are reviving forgotten paintings to raise money for Tears. Here, Ingrid Altmann has painted Darth Vader taking a break.

Noordhoek Art Point is bringing the local art community together for a heart-warming cause.

Twenty artists have joined forces to raise funds for The Emma Animal Rescue Society (Tears) by giving new life to old and unwanted paintings found in thrift stores.

The “RePAWposed: art for good” initiative drew inspiration from Ingrid Altmann’s This Old Painting range.

Ms Altmann, a Noordhoek artist, repurposes unwanted paintings by adding cartoon characters to them (“Noordhoek artist adds a twist to thrift store paintings,” Echo, October 22)

Since July 1, the gallery at Noordhoek Art Point has been exhibiting the collection.

“Each artist has breathed new creativity and purpose into these previously discarded canvases, resulting in an array of captivating and one-of-a-kind masterpieces,” organiser Aimee Kruger said.

According to Ms Kruger, the highlight of the event will be the Tears fund-raiser art auction at the gallery, on Saturday July 8, at 5pm.

“This auction is not only a chance to acquire unique artworks but also an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of animals. Art enthusiasts and animal lovers are invited to join forces, as their participation in the auction contributes to a cause that resonates deeply with compassion and empathy,” she said.

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