Please clean up Masi

Blue letter

Karen Andrew, Capri

Masi residents need work, now more than ever, and they would like a cleaner environment, as would all the residents within our valley.

Why can our municipality not hire staff to pick up litter daily? Why can they not place bins near the entrance of Masi and empty them daily?

Surely this would not be a great expense and would improve the image of Masi?

Motorists have to drive through a flood of litter to pass Masi, sending a message that our municipality does not care about the image, hygiene and welfare of its residents or the cleanliness of our valley.

Please, it is the responsibility of our municipality to clean up and keep Masi clean.

  • Mayoral committee member for waste and water Xanthea Limberg responds:

The City does provide a cleaning service in Masiphumelele, which runs every day from Monday to Friday, and litter-picking work is carried out by local residents through the Expanded Public Works Programme.

Cleaning service providers are contractually required to ensure that job opportunities are given to residents registered on the City’s job seekers database for the relevant local sub-council area. This cleansing service is provided in addition to the weekly refuse removal service provided.