Pricing methods are ridiculous

Margaret Matzener, Silverglades

I completely agree with the sentiments of Colleen Klaasse, who raised the issue of retailers pricing goods at 99c.

This sharp business practice was started in the 1960s, if I remember correctly, and now every retailer is trying to fox the public by pretending to pull the wool over our eyes so that an untrue amount catches the eye and sticks in our brains.

In the first place, the law states that any product being sold has to be sold at the price stated on the label. Therefore if a product is displayed with a lower price than that which is on their “computer”, the retailer is obligated to sell it at the price it is marked at.

But retailers (especially grocers) add up the prices of 99c on all the goods in your basket and then simply round off the final amount. That is all well and good, except for the fact that 9c is not legal tender as we no longer have any coinage smaller than 10 cents. In fact it is illegal to mark goods at a price that cannot be tendered.

I mean they are even selling expensive motor vehicles at R899 999.99. It is ludicrous and nefarious business practice.

I would urge consumers who are also unhappy with this ridiculous pricing method to direct a complaint to the National Complaints Commission at

Furthermore, we should all unite in a deliberate protest action and pay for each item separately. That will result in long queues, frustration, irritation and bad publicity for the shops concerned.