Fish Hoek main road is ’revolting’

Pamela van der Merwe, Fish Hoek

When can we expect some kind of action to be taken regarding the disgusting state of the Fish Hoek main road.

The pavements are so dirty one cannot walk on them without your shoes sticking to the urine, vomit-saturated surface between M&L Supermarket and Papa Jo’s.

One dare not breathe while walking that stretch. The little parking way between the post office and the café is so dirty and stinky, it leaves one with urine stained under soles and a nauseous feeling on your stomach.

I was informed the water trucks that supposedly wash down the streets once in a blue moon are not operational and have not been for some time. Three water trucks, and not one is working. If this is the case, why can’t this extremely necessary service be contracted out or trucks hired for this purpose. And while we are at it, add some disinfectant to the water.

The main road has become revolting, an eyesore and a hazard to walk down. You can hardly walk five meters without being accosted to buy a sticker or donate to this shelter or whatever the pick of the day is, and security is never in sight, or are standing watching videos on their mobile phones.

The street paint is virtually non-existent, and the electric boxes and those two sorry excuses for post boxes outside the post office are a permanent eyesore. Yet, there is a budget to leave the street lights on 24 hours a day.

Please, we are tired of the struggle to walk from point A to point B in what purports to be the business hub of the area.