Overturned weight restriction is madness

James MacKenzie, Simon’s Town

The report, “Narrow lane is no place for trucks, say residents”, by Yolande du Preez on March 16 clearly highlighted the irrational thinking of the City regarding the weight of traffic allowed on aged, fragile infrastructure.

How can they deny the laws of physics?

You cannot waive such a weight restriction as it’s there for a purpose.

By allowing 10-ton (or more) trucks and caterpillar-tracked vehicles to ride “roughshod” over ancient pipes, incalculable damage is occurring underground, as Ms Du Preez demonstrates in her photographs.

Incidentally, a new sign banning all heavy vehicles up Wickboom Lane was put up a year or so ago and is there for all to see.

Only bakkies have been allowed to supply building development in this enclave, since I came to the area seven years ago.

What madness overturned this protective measure?