Big flips and fireworks as drivers burn up the track

Pictured is some of the action at this weekend’s national hotrod tour final hosted by Cape Hell Drivers, at Killarney Raceway

Young Ava Roemer flips her “ninja midget” into turn 2 during the national hotrod tour final. She continued the race unscathed. Picture: Colin Brown
The visiting class called the “ V8 Flexi’s” all sport V8 Lexus motors with minimal silencing. It creates a sight to witness and hear. This is just before the start. Picture: Colin Brown
The local 1660cc racing got a bit closer than usual with the addition of some upcountry visitors. Turn one exit was crowded as can be seen. Picture: Colin Brown
Neville Loosemore from Johannesburg nudges another competitor while spitting flames during heat one of the national hotrod tour. Picture: Colin Brown
Ace driver, Kosie Weyers, signs fans’ autographs following the final round of the national hotrod tour at Killarney Oval on Saturday. Picture: Colin Brown
Kosie Weyers leads the pack in the 25-car strong final race en route to winning the final round of the national hotrod tour at Killarney. Picture: Colin Brown
Saturday’s final round of the national hotrod tour at Killarney was arguably the most well attended event at for many years. Picture: Colin Brown
Jaco van Outshoorn was one of about 30 car/driver combinations to come from all over the country for the national hotrod finals held at Killarney. His car uses a Ford 2-litre turbo charged motor. It exploded at top revs/speed, the fire went out as fast as it started presumably as the oil/fuel runs out due to ignition cut-out. Picture: Colin Brown