Top Girls take centre stage

The show Top Girls, an unbiased and unsentimental critique of feminist ambitions in the 1980s that is still relevant today, will be performed at the Masque Theatre, Muizenberg, from Friday June 10.

This play, written by Caryl Churchill, is well known as an innovative, exuberant, postmodern exploration of women’s experiences through history and across cultures.

The fantastical first scene, which is one of the most famous in modern theatre, is a dinner party in celebration of lead character Marlene’s promotion to the position of managing director of an employment agency.

Marlene (played by Santie du Toit) is the quintessential ambitious and ruthless business woman of the 1980s. Attending the party are a bevy of lively and fascinating female characters from history and literature.

After Act 1, the story follows Marlene to work where the audience will witness her high-flying colleagues in action at the employment agency and get introduced to Marlene’s sister and niece, who have clearly been left on the wayside of the modern woman’s rise to success. Jenny Brandt is at the helm of this play that explores the complexities of the position of the modern career woman.

In 2015, Brandt brought Masque audiences the family drama Crimes of the Heart in her directorial debut.

Heading up the cast for Top Girls is Santie du Toit, who was last seen on stage in A Midsummer Night’s Dream last year. Another regular face in the cast is Su Cunningham, from last year’s A Day in the Death of Joe Egg.

This production is presented by Claremont Dramatic Society, The same society that brought four hit shows to the stage last year: Crimes of the Heart, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Honour and The Actor’s Nightmare.

Top Girls runs until Saturday June 18 – excluding Sunday to Wednesday. To book call 021 788 1898 or email bookings@