Action in Lakeside

* Tony Fletcher and Val King chase a dinosaur through Lakeside.

A number of Lakeside locals got the surprise of their lives when an ancient Father Christmas-lookalike was pushed past them in a wheelchair, at breakneck speed.

The pair were angrily shouting and waving a walking stick at a monstrous T-Rex gollumping down the road, threatening.

But Lakeside residents need not be unduly worried as, at that stage, the “dinosaur” existed only in the minds of the crazy duo.

At 88 years old, Tony Fletcher was acting as a super magician in a video he was making for his 19-year-old granddaughter’s birthday.

Ann King was filming the wheelchair antics on her phone, with orders of “Cut” and “Action” as her husband Val King did the “dinosaur run” several times with Mr Fletcher to get it perfect.

Mr Fletcher, who was born in Devonport, England, began his varied career as a shipbuilder. His highlight was being involved in the construction of one of Britain’s largest aircraft carriers.

As a teenager, he took to the theatre, becoming a magician and actor for local shows. In 1961 he left for South Africa and was soon working as a senior draughtsman for the SA Navy in Simon’s Town.

For 40 years he was married to writer and newspaper critic Jill Fletcher, who helped him develop his popular puppet shows. He was a pioneering performer on SA TV when it was still in its infancy.

Ms Fletcher died in 2002.

Recently Mr Fletcher has been starring in videos that Mr King personalises for children. In one he commands the Man on the Moon to dance for children.

In another he puts magic into a tree and it warns children of the threat to trees round the world from global warming.

In another the children turn into a variety of animals to show that all young creatures love fun and affection, just like kids.