Arrests increase over festive season

Muizenberg SAPS and other law enforcement agencies made a number of arrests over the festive season – including three for rape and one for child abuse.

Among the arrests made since Thursday December 15 last year, were six in connection with outstanding warrants of arrest, four for malicious damage to property, 12 for robbery, five for theft, 13 for shoplifting, 37 for possession of narcotics and two for fraud.

There were10 arrests made for assault, two for intimidation and two for domestic violence. Sixteen people were arrested for driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance and three people were arrested for rape.

There was one arrest for the use of a car without the owner’s consent and one arrest for child abuse. One person was arrested for crimen injuria and two for selling liquor without a licence.

Two people were arrested for murder, one for house break-in and theft and three for attempted murder.

One person was arrested for possession of a dangerous weapon, one more for possession of an illegal firearm, one for transgressing the Firearms Control Act and five for house robbery.

Three people were arrested for being in possession of stolen cars, one for riotous behaviour, one for the theft of a car, two for hindering a police official in the execution of duties and one for sexual assault. Four people were arrested for pointing a firearm and two arrests were made for attempted robbery.

Captain Stephen Knapp said that the festive season operations had been relatively successful, especially during the busier days.

“Colonel Ismail Daniels, station commander of Muizenberg SAPS, would like to thank the law enforcement agencies for their assistance and support during this time. The colonel would further like to thank the public for supporting Muizenberg SAPS during a very difficult and busy time of the year and wish all a prosperous and safe 2017,” he said.