CCTV cameras to monitor truck drivers

At least two trucks a month get stuck under the railway bridge in Muizenberg.

Despite the City of Cape Town spending about R200 000 for a 3D laser detection system to prevent trucks from getting stuck under Muizenberg’s railway bridge, at least two trucks still fall prey to the bridge each month.

The City has now installed CCTV cameras to monitor and take action against drivers who ignore warnings from the Intelligent Transport System (ITS), which has been in operation along Main Road and Atlantic Road since 2016.

The system’s first phase, which was completed in 2017, covered the northbound approach on Main Road and saw a reduction in the number of crashes. Phase 2 was then rolled out along Baden Powell Drive in June this year.

The 3D laser-detection system measures the height of every vehicle approaching the bridge and a warning flashes for those higher than 2.5m.

Mayoral committee member for area south, Eddie Andrews, said: “We are very serious about taking action against drivers with over-height vehicles who ignore the warning signs as their disregard for the rules of the road could potentially pose a safety risk for themselves and for other road users.”

The City would continue to monitor the success of those two systems, he said.