Change in opening hours of Ocean View customer office

The City of Cape Town has announced that it’s Ocean View customer office will be closed on December 24 and 31.

The City of Cape Town’s customer office in Ocean View will be closed on December 24 and 31.

The City said it had investigated the popularity of this office and found that, at most, about six customers visited this office on a given day over the past few months.

“Customers should consider making use of the City’s e-Services and convenient online payment options where possible, especially in light of the Covid-19 resurgence,” the City said in a media release.

It had previously been due to remain open until 1pm, but a decision has since been made to close the office entirely on these days.

Customer tips

  • If possible, customers should perform their business online or via e-Services rather than visiting the customer offices.Customers could make use of the various convenient retail payment options available rather than visiting a customer office.If they go to a customer office, they are advised to go early in the morning or to choose another day if they see the lines are too long.Customers should always check their motor vehicle license discs to see when their license is up for renewal.Customers visiting housing and rental offices should make an appointment before visiting an office as an operational requirement to adhere to Covid-19 precautions.

“We encourage customers to make their plans to visit a City customer office ahead of time, and to consider making use of the City’s convenient and safe online service offerings,” the City said.

“However, if it is required to visit an office, please ensure that you practice social distancing and wear your mask. City facilities continue to operate in accordance with the necessary Covid-19 precautions as guided by the Western Cape Government and National authorities and customers should adhere to these protocols when visiting our offices.”

Customers can pay their municipal accounts (excluding motor vehicle licenses and traffic fines) at any Shoprite, Checkers, USave, Pick n Pay, PEP, Ackermans, Lewis, Top It Up, Woolworths and selected Spar shops. Please note that the South African Post Office is no longer a City-service provider for account and traffic fine payments.

Residents may also make payments using their bank’s website. The City is listed as a beneficiary at all the major banks, so it is not required to load the City’s details when doing transactions.