Damaged signage replaced

SANParks Honorary Rangers and Table Mountain National Park staff helped put up a new sign at Rocklands (Boulders), where many divers access the sea in the no-take zone.

Table Mountain National Park’s missing marine signage, including that which is rusted or covered in graffiti is going to be a thing of the past.

SANParks Honorary Rangers from the Table Mountain region have offered to pay to replace all damaged and missing signage around the Cape Peninsula Marine Protected area, within the park.

The signs include information about the specific marine areas, depicting the “no-take’’ zones for recreational divers and spear fishermen.

“One is allowed to dive in a ‘no-take’ zone, but not remove any living resources from the sea,” said Michael McSweeney, spokesman for the regional management committee of the Table Mountain Region of SANParks.

Mr McSweeney said many divers had been diving in the “no-take” zones without even knowing they were, leading to complaints from the public.

He said it was because of the complaints that they had been able to get swift permission from the City to post the new signs
on municipal land. The signs went up on Friday April 12 – the day after the City gave the go-

“This is a wonderful example of co-operation between concerned residents, the City of Cape Town, SANParks and the SANParks Honorary Rangers,” Mr McSweeney said.

Anyone wanting to contribute can call 074 180 4895,
email tmtntreasurer@gmail.com or visit www.sanparksvolunteers.org

* In a related issue, signage at the the Zandvlei Nature Reserve estuary is to be replaced.

The estuary does not fall under the ambit of the SANparks rangers, and is suffering from constant poaching. Offenders often use the lack of signage to claim ignorance of the rules.

Residents of Marine Estate and Lakeside have complained that metal signs either rust or are stolen.

Marian Nieuwoudt, mayoral committee member for environment and spatial planning, said that the City planned to replace old, broken or missing signs before Sunday June 30.

“We will be using non-metal signboard material as suggested as the metal signboards are prone to theft,” she said.