Festival to celebrate Muizenberg

Sons of Selassie will be on stage at the Muizenberg Festival fundraiser Concert in the Park this Sunday.

For the first time, internationally renowned band Beatenberg will be strutting their stuff on stage in their home town of Muizenberg during the Concert in the Park, this Sunday, March 25.

Beatenberg members are Matthew Field, Robin Brink and Ross Dorkin. Robin and Ross are both Muizenberg residents.

The group signed with Universal Music label in 2012 and gained national attention in 2014 for Pluto (Remember You), their collaboration with DJ Clock, which became a number one song on South African radio for over 19 consecutive weeks. Ross and Matthew studied music together at UCT and despite their serious classical training, they are adamant that Beatenberg be heard as pop music.

At Sunday’s concert, Beatenberg will take to the stage at 6pm.

Robin wrote on his Facebook page that he and his band couldn’t wait to play in and for Muizenberg.

Founder of The Hive, Fergus Turner, said the Muizenberg Festival organisers of Concert in the Park were excited to have Beatenberg appear on stage in their first gig in their hometown.

Before Beatenberg pick up their mics, the crowd will be treated to an all-star line up including the Mazula Nada Brahama Project, Mixed Mense, Pangolin Dream Surfers, the smooth sounds of Mapumba, and the superb sounds of Sons of Selassie.

The music kicks off at noon and wraps up after Beatenberg’s performance.

Mapumba is a multi-genre world music artist blending traditional melodies, stories, and languages from his native DRC, with original inspirations that deliver a rich, authentic African sound. He adds a modern touch through reggae, R&B, funk and Afro-pop.

Nadha Brahma means “the whole creation and creator are just sound”. The musicians’ intent is to create a sensorial space through a sacred sound and yoga experience, like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard of before.

Mixed Mense, an Emile YX? initiative, is a Heal the Hood Hip Hop School that aims to teach performance and life skills to youth.

Sons of Selassie is a South African band which formed in 1985. During the apartheid struggle, the band performed for all people, promoting freedom, unity, and equal rights.

Fergus describes the Muizenberg Festival as a magnificent celebration of music, culture-and Muizenberg. The concert takes place in Muizenberg Park and is about diverse people and communities coming together.

“Quietly, gently, yet with a strength in determination, the people of Muizenberg are forging ahead with programmes and projects that are re-patterning old structural patterns of separation and division (aka apartheid),” he said.

While the Muizenberg Festival has its main feature in October, the initiatives and processes run throughout the year. This weekend’s Concert in the Park is the mid-year showcase, a celebration of diversity and inclusivity.

“Embedded in the structure of this movement (known as the Muizenberg Festival) is grass-roots, community-led, respectful engagement that address the challenges to our lives, in these times,” said Fergus.

And the focus is on initiatives that boost local economy,
communityresilienceand cohesion, and experiences that build inclusivity and co-operation, throughout the year.

“The ongoing co-ordination of such activities is made possible by magnificent events such as the Concert in the Park,” Fergus said.

“Join us in celebrating diversity, and supporting this important work. For only R100 (at the door) you get to experience some of South Africa’s leading bands in several genres.”

The concert is a family friendly event at which recycling is encouraged. “We are a platform for water awareness – we will be active in using the platform to build cohesion, education and awareness around our common resources,” said Fergus.

Food and refreshment stalls will be on site and picnics are encouraged. Alcohol, however, is not permitted in the park and people are advised, within reason, to bring their own shade.

“Please don’t hesitate to participate in making this an incredible event.

“You can do this by volunteering, contributing an activation, showcasing a performance on the day,” said Fergus.

For more information, you can email info@muizenbergfestival.co.za

Book through Quicket or get your ticket at the gate.