For the record

In our story about the Dawood building (“Simon’s Town derelict building causes upset,” False Bay Echo, November 22) we incorrectly reported that the application for the liquor licence took three years due to the building’s heritage status.

The building’s owner, Peter Michaletos, said the liquor licence had been applied for last year by Spar and approved in April this year.

He said the new bottle store, Tops at Spar, would not go in the Dawood building, as reported, but in the building next door, which is currently home to a vintage clothing and gift shop. The Dawood building is earmarked for the KwikSpar.

He said the Dawood building had already been derelict when he had bought it three years ago and it had taken the Heritage Association of South Africa three years to approve proposed renovations.

After finally getting the go-ahead from the heritage body in September, he had sent the renovation plans to the City council last week for approval, he

The renovations would take three to four months once the City approved the plans, he said. After that, Spar would take over the property and take another three to four months to install the shop fittings before the new KwikSpar could open.