Have some fun to support the NSRI

Organiser of the Lighthouse Fund-raiser Jenny Cullinan with team member and fund-raiser volunteer Graham Bradford, NSRI Station 16 commander Nicky Whitehead, crew member Andrew Cedras and team member and fund-raiser volunteer Clare Thomas during a recent visit to Station 16.

A small group of local residents has organised a special fund-raiser for the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) after a lifesaving vessel from the Strandfontein Station was stolen and destroyed in a fire in May this year.

The Lighthouse Fund-raiser, an ocean community event spearheaded by bee researcher and surf ski paddler Jenny Cullinan, will take place on Sunday July 2 at the Fish Hoek Beach Sports Club (FHBSC).

The aim is to fund-raise for the NSRI and to create awareness for the organisation and its needs.

Ms Cullinan said she and some of the event organisers recently visited the NSRI Stations 10 and 16 to assess their needs.

She said the plan is to host the fund-raiser annually.

“As an ocean-loving community, we are getting together to show the NSRI some love for what they do for us,” said Ms Cullinan.

There will be a 10-kilometre surf ski around Roman Rock Lighthouse, with a shorter route of 8km for prone, kayaks, and stand-up-paddle along the coastline to Glencairn, a swim course around the buoys of various distances, and 4.8-kilometre fun walk along the beach and Jager’s Walk and a 10-minute polar dip.

This will be followed by a lucky draw and prizes donated by the local community.

Clare Thomas, team member and volunteer for the Lighthouse Fund-raiser, said the NSRI are true heroes, volunteering not only their time, but also taking risks to keep all of us who play in the ocean safe, out of the goodness of their hearts.

“Visiting their stations while arranging this event has been truly humbling. Their kindness and generosity of spirit is inspirational. It’s an utter delight to gather as the ocean loving sport community of False Bay and honour them for all they do for us. It’s really turning into a fun-filled event that has naturally grown to include so many different water disciplines and a walk along the coast. We are set for a really fun day and would love to see you there,” she said.

Ms Cullinan said the event was not about racing but getting together and enjoying a day out with friends for a good cause.

Tickets cost R150 a person and registration starts at 7am and will close at 8.30am. The events will start at 9am. Tickets are available through Quicket at www.quicket.co.za

NSRI spokesman, Craig Lambinon, said NSRI headquarters will be in attendance with a branded vehicle and NSRI Station 16 and 10 will have NSRI rescue craft in on the water and operationally ready to respond to any emergencies in their sectors.

For more information, visit the Lighthouse Fund-raiser on Facebook.