Have your say on road access

You have until Saturday April 15 to have your say on the City’s proposal to permanently restrict access on a section of Old Kommetjie Road.

The City said its proposal was lodged in response to residents’ pleas to close access to Old Kommetjie Road, Capri, where it abuts the Glencairn Expressway.

The nearest alternative access is Stork Road, Capri, about 200m away.

Submit comments by email to tct.plumstead@capetown.gov.za; phone 021 444 3257; write to Private Bag X5, Plumstead 8000; fax 021 444 3808 or drop them off at your nearest sub-council office.

If you would like to submit comments but have a disability or are unable to read or write, contact Zandile Mahlasela at 021 400 5501 or zandile.mahlasela@capetown.gov.za

For more information, contact Brendon Fortuin at 021 444 3257, or for general enquiries on public participation, contact Nathan Fisher at 021 400 1450 or email nathan.fisher@capetown.gov.za