Joint effort helps families in need

Fish Hoek CPF secretary and Sunnydale Neighbourhood Watch member Sydney Osborne, The Net founder Carolyn Axmann, volunteer Dylan Axmann and volunteer Roxanne Combrinck with some of the parcels to be delivered.

Charities, neighbourhood watch members and the ward councillor are working together to keep food on the tables of vulnerable Fish Hoek families.

Councillor Aimee Kuhl says many of her constituents are struggling to provide for their families after several weeks of lockdown so she asked The
Net, Revamp the Valley and the Fish Hoek Community Police Forum to help collect and deliver food and donations for them.

Many in her ward have not worked in weeks and have no income, she says.

“I am very concerned about many families and the elderly in our community not having
food. During lockdown,
normal ways of reaching out and connecting to those that could help are not possible.”

The Net has previously helped to feed and support the homeless in Fish Hoek. Its founder, Carolyn Axmann, said lockdown had stymied efforts to register as a non-profit.

“We are reaching out to the community for funds.

Fortunately we have established some positive relationships through The Net and these individuals have continued to support us,” Ms Axmann said.

Revamp the Valley founder Leigh Barrett is in charge of marketing and managing social media.

“This is how the community should work, and we are so thankful for the donations received by so many who care deeply about their neighbours,” she said.

Revamp The Valley has given neighbourhood watch drivers permits to deliver parcels.

Fish Hoek Community Police Forum (CPF) chairman, Andre Blom, said vetted watch
members would do the
deliveries to ensure the parcels reached the intended recipients.

“As the volume of deliveries were unknown, only a few members were approach-
ed and appointed as delivery
drivers and issued with the necessary permits to legally
execute the delivery.

The need for additional drivers soon became apparent, and the driver base was increased,” Mr Blom said.

Parcels are collected at a set time and delivered according to a roster. The driver, wearing their own protective gear,
places the parcel on the pavement to maintain physical distancing, photographs the
recipient with the parcel and then signs off the delivery on the roster. Drivers also check
if anything else is needed such
as baby food, nappies or pet food.

* Neighbourhood Watch membersinterestedin
doing deliveries can contact Mr Blom at chairpersoncpf.fishhoek@gmail.comorCPFsecretary
Sidney Osborne at