Knitting world’s biggest blanket

The SAPS Women's Network is contributing to the world's biggest blanket.

That ticking you hear isn’t time, it’s the clicking of knitting needles – women from all over the Cape Peninsula have been making a herculean effort to contribute to making the world’s biggest blanket, and some of them are volunteers from Muizenberg SAPS Women’s Network.

The blanket will be unveiled in all its glory at a grand event in Vanderbijlpark on Saturday June 8.

One of the women, Ria Potgieter, said she
had seen a social media invite about an attempt
to make the world’s biggest hand-knitted blanket – in the shape of a South African flag – and she
had wanted to get involved but then learnt from the organisers in Gauteng that she was the only person from the Western Cape who had responded.

So she found other women who wanted to help. And through Elsa Ebersohn, who is a member of the SAPS Women’s Network, the challenge was set in motion.

Nearly 200 strips have been knitted by these women. When it’s done, the completed blanket will cover four rugby fields.

Once the blanket is assembled and its measurements taken, it will be separated back into its individual pieces as smaller blankets to be donated to NPOs

Because of the local women’s involvement, local NPOs will benefit.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to think as you are knitting: who will get this blanket? Is it an old person? A child? What is their story? And thinking about this imbues the knitting with that care – and I hope whoever gets it, will feel that,” Ms Potgieter said.

Women from Stellenbosch, Strand, Somerset West, Durbanville and Muizenberg have all taken part.

Ms Ebersohn said being part of the SAPS Women’s Network gave her a great sense of reward and purpose.

“There is a lot of good done here which is not seen. We don’t mind. But it was good to be part of this project and to know our blankets will go to local people,” she said.