Muizenberg police improve performance

Police statistics show a sharp improvement in Muizenberg police stations performance under Colonel Vassie Naidoo.

Muizenberg SAPS is on an upward swing under its station commander Colonel Vassie Naidoo, according to police statistics measuring its performance.

In April, the station, which averages between 200 and 250 arrests a month, was ranked first out of the country’s 268 so-called “colonel” stations (stations with someone of that rank as commander) for crime prevention, according to data recorded across stations.
Five categories are used to assess the stations; overall station performance; detective performance; common service centre and complaints (especially customer service); crime prevention and support which also considers human-resources management, supply-chain management and finance.
The numbers are compared to the same period in the previous year and performance is measured both provincially and nationally.
A reduction in reported crime for April is what led to the station taking the top spot among all the colonel stations that month for crime prevention.
Muizenberg police spokesman, Captain Stephen Knapp, said it was the first time the station had scored so high.
The statistics changed month to month, he said, but the station had also performed well in the other categories, pointing to an overall improvement.
Captain Knapp attributed the success to Colonel Naidoo’s approach, which he described as “old-school and practical”.
He said Colonel Naidoo, who took over at the station in January, did not tolerate bad service and when something needed doing he was the man who did it.
Captain Knapp said because Muizenberg precinct included several neighbourhoods plagues by gang-related crime – areas like Seawinds, Vrygrond and Hillview, the station placed an emphasis on fighting drug-dealing and unlicensed firearms which were linked to gang crime.
Muizenberg Community Police Forum spokesman, Wayne Turner, said they were “really excited” about the results.
On Saturday June 15 SAPS and law enforcement officers raided known and suspected drug dens and illegal shebeens in the Muizenberg precinct.
Colonel Naidoo thanked all law enforcement enforcement agencies, neighbourhood watches, security companies and citizens who were helping the station fight crime.
“The war on crime is not a short term battle, but a long term initiative,” he said.
“I encourage our community to remain supportive of their local police, who are often expected to give excellent service in trying and difficult circumstances.”  
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