Planning ahead

Tarryn Kemp from Muizenberg.

Neither lockdown nor being considered high risk for Covid-19 have gotten Tarryn Kemp of Muizenberg down.

Tarryn, 31, is a City of Cape Town chief plans examiner and she and her team have been assessing and approving building plans that are submitted electronically to the City during lockdown.

The City has approved 1 753 building plans, despite the lockdown.

Tarryn also has Type 2 Diabetes, and suffers from anxiety.

“Mental health and well being are of primary importance especially during lockdown,” she says. “Time has become a completely different concept with some people working way beyond the normal daily eight hours. However, everyday varies, and I feel we should assess these behaviours holistically rather than in isolation – quite ironic since we are working in isolation.”

She feels it is easier to concentrate and manage your own time while working from home.

“When circumstances change, it allows for creativity and new initiatives. A positive attitude and flexible approach is very important for growth in the workplace and harmony is important for a fulfilled work and home life.”

She studied architecture and construction management health and safety.

During the lockdown, she has assessed roughly 400 building applications to ensure they pass legal muster and are health and safety compliant.

She also makes sure applications are circulated to the relevant internal departments for comment and all relevant documentation is complete