Revised plans for Muizenberg beachfront

Existing NGO buildings on Muizenberg beachfront will remain, according to this artist’s impression showing the revised final design for the revamp.

The final design for the Muizenberg beachfront revamp has been unveiled to the public.

Displayed at the Muizenberg civic centre on Wednesday last week, it features revisions made in response to some of the more than 500 public comments the City received, according to mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment Eddie Andrews.

The new design has a stepped revetment with a 3-metre-wide promenade and access ramp to replace existing coastal buffers – including a wooden promenade, stone steps, and curved seawall – that are deteriorating, he says.

Addressing public concerns, the design has been modified to include large rounded corners and widened spaces for seating, deviating from the initially proposed jagged edges.

The revetment was a key part of the plan and had been designed by coastal engineering experts to protect the beachfront from rising sea levels, storm surges, and wave impact, Mr Andrews said.

“The steps and promenade must be constructed with concrete to ensure its longevity and effectiveness in protecting the public beachfront. The areas landwards of the promenade will be paved with clay segmented pavers, as opposed to concrete.“

The gravel parking area along the beach side of the railway line would be resurfaced with clay pavers, parking bays would be demarcated and lighting installed.

“Importantly, the upgrade and improved layout is not adding nor reducing parking space, and will not take away any of the beach space,” Mr Andrews said, adding that parking there would remain free.

The public toilets would be torn down and rebuilt, in the same style, slightly inland from the revetment.

“Based on the majority of received comments, the new facility will be situated at the central shower plaza. Additionally, there will be parking with universal access provided in the central area near the toilets.”

The new facility would have family changing rooms and showers accessible to people in wheelchairs.

The existing pergola would be demolished and rebuilt.

“The new pergola will have the same design and details as the current structure to preserve the local heritage, look and feel, as requested by the public. There will also be an outside shower at the pergola, as is the case currently.”

The playground would have a kelp forest theme and include an access ramp and interactive play equipment for children with various abilities.

The train station forecourt would be made more pedestrian friendly; there would be parking in the area for those with special needs and a ramp to the promenade.

Unlike the original proposal, all eight beach huts would be moved to the central plaza, and existing NGO buildings would remain.

Waves for Change would move to a new building near the northern corner of the parking area in front of the train station, and the current building would be modified to store beach access mats, equipment and wheelchairs.

The Shark Spotters building would remain as is.

Mr Andrews said the City had environmental and heritage approval and the construction tender should be awarded by November next year with work expected to start in February 2025 and be completed by the end of October 2026.

Construction would affect beachgoers, Beach Road businesses and surrounding areas, but businesses and organisations in the area had a year to make contingency plans, he said.

“Visitors will also have to cope with less parking while the construction is ongoing,” said Mr Andrews.

Muizenberg resident Lynette Wiese said: “I am thrilled that with these upgrades. I will be able to walk down to the water with my walking stick.”

Wayne Bisset, who regularly visits Muizenberg, said older surfers would likely appreciate the convenience of having an easier access point to the beach.

“This is one of the very few times I can say that I think a ‘development’ anywhere along our coastline is actually a good thing.“

The gravel parking lot in front of the train station will be resurfaced and landscaped.
The eight beach huts will be moved to the central plaza, as opposed to either side of the main plaza as was originally proposed.
The stepped revetment will include a 3m-wide promenade with a ramp.
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