Southern suburbs going to the dogs

JB Butterworth, Glencairn Heights

As a young man of 18 in early 1964, I was able to catch a train to Simon’s Town station as late as 11pm in the evening or as early as 4am in the morning. Nearly 50 years later, it is impossible to even think of catching a train, owing to the lack of maintenance or clearing of the sand from the tracks.

I am sure that there are many who work in the naval dockyard or in the navy or even in Simon’s Town itself who would rather catch a train to work and back then to have to use a car, and what about the tourists wanting to visit this historical town, which has so much to offer, but who have to catch a bus or taxi from Fish Hoek to get to Simon’s Town?

What has happened to this beautiful country of ours that no one cares what works or does not work? In the last couple of years, the rail line has been closed twice because of sand build-up on the tracks.

We keep talking about unemployment and work opportunities, so how come those in charge of this structure can’t get together and sort it out? Or have we become a banana republic where no one cares?