Stealing tyres a growing trend in Fish Hoek

More and more people in the Far South are waking up in the morning to find that all four tyres of their vehicles have been stolen – often from behind the garden walls of their properties.

Warrant Officer Peter Middleton of Fish Hoek police said this was becoming a growing trend, with more cases in April than before.

An example was the theft of all the tyres off two cars inside a Fish Hoek property, near Valyland, some time during the course of Tuesday May 4 through to the next morning.

Paving stones from the driveway was used to prop up the cars.

Warrant Officer Middleton said that it was a growing trend across the whole of the Wynberg Cluster, which included the police stations of Fish Hoek, Simon’s Town, Ocean View and Muizenberg.

He said in Fish Hoek the thefts had been in the Fish Hoek avenues, Sun Valley, Silverglades and some on the Fish Hoek mountainside.

“Last year three groups were arrested for the thefts of tyres but there were no links between them,” he said.

They had come from up the line, Khayelitsha and Grassy Park areas, but there was no way of telling as yet whether the current spate of thieves were local or from further afield – except that they obviously had transportation and that they came at night.

He urged residents to pay attention to noises at night, dogs barking or car alarms going off as in some cases the targeted cars had had car alarms.