Stolen phone recovered same day

A fisherman who had his cellphone stolen was ecstatic to have it returned to him by the police on the same day.

The Vrygrond man had been fishing in front of Bailey’s cottage, in Muizenberg, on Monday June 13, at about 2.15pm, when he was robbed by two men, said police spokesman Captain Stephen Knapp.

The fisherman reported the crime to the Muizenberg police and Warrant Officer Leon Verster went with him to Beach Road, Muizenberg, in the hope of tracking down the robbers.

The fisherman identified his assailants in Melrose Road, and when Warrant Officer Verster searched them he found two cellphones, one of them belonging to the fisherman.

Warrant Officer Verster arrested the two men, aged 22 and 28, and both from Retreat.

Safety tips:

* Never walk alone, always try to walk in a group

* When walking, do not talk on your cellphone, do not display jewellery

* Be observant and take note of your surroundings

* Be wary of strangers

* Try to walk in well-lit places after dark, and avoid open fields/secluded areas

* When travelling on a train, be especially wary when the train is departing and arriving at station, and guard your valuables

* Be especially vigilant during peak times

* Keep emergency numbers handy and note descriptions of suspicious persons when alerting the police

* Trust your instincts, and avoid talking to strangers.