Street attendant programme

The Fish Hoek Improvement District in conjunction with SAPS, law enforcement and local security providers is taking community safety in the CBD of Fish Hoek to a new level. Inspired by similar initiatives in surrounding communities such as Kalk Bay and Simon’s Town, Fish Hoek now has its very own street attendant programme. Championed by the business improvement district and the local councillors, branded red bibs were handed out to 12 SAPS-vetted, unemployed individuals.

These chosen street attendants will be receiving training on how to conduct themselves professionally in a street parking environment and are closely monitored by both law enforcement and SAPS officials.

“As a country we are faced with challenging economic times, more and more fellow citizens are being pushed into poverty and crime. This initiative serves to give those that are in desperate need of upliftment a second chance,” said Ward 64 councillor, Aimee Kuhl.

They do not receive a salary and rely soley on donations for their services.