Thank you

David D’Alton, Muizenberg

As I will be stepping down as the Ward 64 councillor on August 4, I would like to thank all the residents for your support during my term of office.

It has been a challen-ging experience invol-ving a lot of hard work but the rewards when a plan comes together have been well worth it.

A councillor’s job is not easy and our author-ity is limited.

We cannot demand that an official carries out your wishes as many people think, and I have been taken to task for doing this on occasion.

One of my biggest challenges has been the homeless issue where the City are toothless to deal with this due to lack of shelters and so on and we have to find a real sol-ution for this problem.

I have enjoyed my five-year term as ward councillor and wish to thank the local sub-council staff for all their support.

In addition, I would also like to thank my fellow councillors who worked closely with me, Simon Liell-Cock for his knowledge of planning issues in particular and Felicity Purchase for her help and amazing knowledge of the area, and advice, which stood me in good stead in resolving many matters.

I wish my successor all the very best in the upcoming elections.