Thank you for staying home

Aimee Kuhl, ward councilor

Dear far south communities, It’s been a turbulent and confusing week as we collectively try to adapt to the “new normal” of lockdown. Many are feeling powerless and insecure about how this global crisis will pan out. We have arrived in a new world and are struggling to find our feet.

A huge thank you to all of you who have stayed at home and helped “flatten the curve”. Many amazing active citizens have done their part in assisting those who are less fortunate. As councillors, we are instructed by the president to continue our work. It is a privilege I am hugely grateful for. It has allowed me to pick up supplies and donations from many kind residents who want to help our most vulnerable in these desperate times.

To the many NGOs, health workers and volunteers who I met out there,you are the real heroes of this story. I send you much strength for the tough weeks to come.

There is a sense of unification in all of us experiencing this together. I have also had the most phenomenal engagements with our dedicated SAPS members.

I am truly humbled to see the extraordinary work they are doing despite being severely under-resourced. A huge thank you to Colonel Naidoo and Captain Knapp at Muizenberg for working tirelessly.

Finally, I am really touched by how social media and communication apps are being used to share joy. Strangers across the globe are engaging with each other in completely new ways.

Many of you have reached out to me asking how you can help and have shared your expertise online for free. I will continue to post motivational content on my platforms.

So in the week ahead, I encourage all of you – connect to your heart, send out compassion, stay positive and stay at home!