Thieves target care centre

The Community Care Centre in Ocean View has been burgled twice in the past week.

This pushes the number break-ins at the centre to 20 this year, according to Johann Kikillus, director of the centre.

In the first incident this week, Mr Kikillus said the thieves brought a vehicle along and loaded up 200
blankets and other supplies which the centre collects to hand out only to the very poor or destitute. This took
place on Thursday night, September

“They also caused enormous damage to four of our containers. Despite the fact that they bashed in the burglar bars with rocks, no one claims to have seen anything; even the security guard next door,” he said.

Mr Kikillus said: “What is sad for me is that these burglaries do not hurt me – they hurt the people in Ocean View who are struggling. Every single day, I have families coming to us for help. The very wet winter that we are having is
causing many bungalows to rot and fall apart. As a result, more children and
old people are getting respiratory
problems and not getting better,” he said.

He said the centre was in no position to afford security or fix the damage. He said their money was spent on people, not burglar bars.

The thieves returned on Friday night to take what was left.

He appealed to the residents of Ocean View who know who the thieves are, to come forward.

“We all know who the thieves are. Please help us stop them from stealing from the poor. Please hand them over to the police and report when someone tries to sell blankets, toys and stationery. Ocean View needs to be cleaned up of this criminal activity,” he said.

He said that unless a substantial amount was taken, he did not report every break-in to the police.

Sergeant Leon Fortuin, of Ocean View police station, confirmed that two incidents of theft had been reported at the centre this week.

“One break-in occurred during the week and another over the weekend where another 30 blankets were stolen, among other items,” he said.

Two cases of housebreaking and theft as well as malicious damage to property have been opened.

To share information with the Ocean View SAPS, call 021 783 8312.