Vandalism at school

The vandalised sign at the school which caused upset among pupils, teachers and parents.

Vandalism of the new signs outside Fish Hoek Primary School have reflected the worst and the best of the community.

The signs, welcoming people to the school and providing directions into and through the school, had just been put up when, last week sometime during the night of Wednesday August 17, crosses were sprayed on the signs and “Closed” written on the “Fish Hoek Primary – ring road” sign.

“We, the staff, our parents and our pupils are deeply upset and disgusted that anyone could sink to this level of vandalism,” said deputy principal Stefanie McDonald.

“We are trying so hard to improve the look of our school and we teach our children to respect and look after their school, and then this happens.”

She said they had opened a case of malicious damage to property.

Parent Justine Scott said that the vandalism of the new school signs made them feel sick.

“Our shoulders dropped, our voices got low and we just felt sad and abused.”

“To the staff who chose and paid for the signs and to the grounds staff who work so hard at presenting a clean, proud and beautiful school, we are so sorry. No one should go to work and see that,” she said.

However, the vandalism brought out the beauty in the pupils.

“They lined the playground fences in shock, total disappointment and resolve to stand against such ugliness.

In this day and age to see such patriotism, ownership and pride is more moving and by far outshines, even conquers the wrong done by the vandals,” said Ms Scott.

Ms McDonald said that among the heartwarming stories that came out of this was that of a Grade 6 pupil who told his teacher that he and his family were so upset about the vandalism that he asked his mom to look up on the internet at work how to remove spray paint.

“He is going to get a group of friends together to clean the signs,” said Ms McDonald. “That shows how proud all the children and parents are of our school.”

* The school is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest. Call the school on 021 782 7341.