Voters resolute in rain… and more rain

Voters at the Muizenberg Caravan Park stand patiently in the heaviest downpour of the day.

By Karen Kotze

Despite getting drenched, voters showed tenacity and good humour at the Zandvlei Imperial Yacht Club and Muizenberg Caravan Park voting stations, where there was no shelter from the rain. They pulled their windbreakers and hoodies tighter and stood their ground, determined to make their mark in this year’s municipal elections. There was no political talk in the lines, only mutters about home, warmth and coffee after their cross was made.

Their marks made, two women, who didn’t want to be named, leave the Muizenberg Caravan Park voting station for shelter and warmth.
The queue at the Zandvlei Imperial Yacht Club just after a downpour. Voters were undeterred.
Some voters arrived well prepared for the Cape rains, but the same rains broke other brollies in the line, to much laughter.
A sign of the times: voting day done and dusted.