Which road to take

Aerials Kommetjie Road project completed

Roger Davis, Simon’s Town

Could someone please enlighten me as to the following:

When driving over the Glencairn Expressway (from Glencairn) and wanting to turn left into Kommetjie Road at the new junction, should one take the slip road, which is clearly marked for buses, or turn onto the main road?

Some drivers take the slip road, others the main road. Which is correct?

Grateful for clarification.

* Mayoral committee member for transport, Felicity Purchase, responds:

Motorists turning left from the Glencairn Expressway (M6) into Kommetjie Road (M65) must please use the “general traffic lane” and not the dedicated public transport lane.

This lane is marked with the word “bus” in yellow at the intersection with Kommetjie Road and is reserved for buses and minibus-taxis. General traffic should please follow the dotted guide line, and turn left into the lane next to the dedicated public transport lane.