Rocking Horse launches new album

Rocking Horse shot the video for their new album, Highway Going Nowhwere on the two unfinished highway bridges in Cape Town. The video will be released soon and in the meantime the band will be playing two gigs in the Far South.

Legendary Cape Town band Rocking Horse, who are this year celebrating 30 years on the music scene, are making big waves with their new album Highway Going Nowhere and will be playing at Cafe Roux in Noordhoek today Thursday November 10.

Their new video, featuring the title track of their new album, was recently shot on the two unfinished highway bridges in Cape Town and will be released soon.

The song and album were inspired by Cape Town and especially by its abandoned bridges, conspicuously hanging in mid-air for the last 40 years.

Rocking Horse regard the “disenfranchised tarmac” as a metaphor for the gap that exists between the people at the extremes of the economic spectrum in the Mother City. Their music has been pigeon-holed as “country-rock” in style, but their lyrics cover topical and relatable issues with a hint of satire and social commentary – certainly not par for the course.

Rocking Horse’s three founder members – brothers Clive and Tony Ridgway, originally from Wynberg, and Barry Buret, from Fish Hoek – have been performing together for more than 35 years. Joining them on the new album are Cape keyboard legend Tony Drake, a collaborator with the trio for over 20 years, and the group’s original bass player, Julian Mayer, who returned to the Rocking Horse paddock three years ago.

They will be showcasing several new songs, as well as many of their radio hits they’ve amassed over the last three decades. To interact with the band, find them on Facebook.

To book for Cafe Roux visit the Cafe Roux Sessions website.