Above the call

Gigi Bremner, Muizenberg

I stupidly let my electricity run out on one of our cold wet days.

Not being registered on internet banking, I drove up to our local garage Pick * Pay Express, only to be told that they were all off line.

The owner of the garage at the Capricorn Centre approached me and asked what the problem was, and told me that if I paid them and gave them all the information, they would phone me with the code number as soon as they were back on line, to save me having to drive back up there again.

After an hour, I got a call from the office, from a lovely woman who said that they were still off line, but she had taken the liberty of going through her own bank and gave me the code numbers over the phone, following up with a text message to ensure I had the correct number.

I was stunned by the kindness well and above the call of duty.

Thank you so