Cave art

■ In the Fish Hoek Valley Museum, at 59 Central Circle, is a beautiful mural of Peer’s Cave, painted across one wall of the Peer’s Cave room. The painting depicts the cave in the time of its earliest inhabitants and was painted 21 years ago, by Heather Maltby, pictured, of Silvermine Village; and the late Mary O’Shea. Ms Maltby told Eileen Cruywagen, a volunteer at the museum, that she had been too short to reach the top of the painting – and that her late husband had completed it for her. At 87 years old, Ms Maltby is still painting, and will soon be hosting an exhibition of her paintings at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens. Heather Maltby visits the museum to have another look at her 21-year-old painting of Peer’s Cave.