Domi Soglanich celebrates 105th birthday

* Right: Christopher Soglanich and his mother, Domi Soglanich, who turned 105 last week.

The darling of Carlisle Lodge has turned 105.

Domi Soglanich celebrated her 105th birthday on Monday November 26 with family and friends and a wry smile.

This is not a woman who enjoys a fuss – but her gathered loved ones laughed and assured her that 105 is certainly worthwhile, and that more than that, 105 years well lived is most definitely worth much fuss.

Ms Soglanich’s grandson, Daniel Soglanich, who lives in Australia wrote her a poem and joked that he hoped his granny wouldn’t have to blow out all her candles.

He wrote: One Hundred and Five and still alive. You might think that sounds uncanny, but I’m just talking about my granny.

She’ll knit you colourful bed socks in a few days and without fail our granny just prays and prays.

She remembers phone numbers in her head, no need for a directory next to her bed.

He is referring to Ms Soglanich’s remarkable numerical recall, which is legendary. During her working years, she was the bookkeeper at her brother Joey’s garage, but she never wrote anything down.

She would know the clients by their car registrations (not their names) and would mentally keep track of all the amounts owed.

Her grandson, Daniel, added: “I hear that you are the most popular resident at Carlisle Lodge, everyone knows about my granny. I suspect you may have more friends than I do. That is great, it shows what a kind and positive person you are. I want to thank you for all the prayers you’ve said for me over the years, the gifts you’ve given and always showing an interest in my achievements.

“I definitely think that Chris and I have got our positive attitude from you, and I also think you’ve passed on some but not all of your great memory genes.”

Ms Soglanich has received three blessings – from three different Popes – in her life.

“God has blessed me, richly. He has been so good to me,” she said.

She learned early in her world the value of parents (she lost her mother when she was only 3) and of kindness, and she continues to live her life devoted to her faith; with compassion for others, and her trademark modesty, said her family.