Film-maker shines in Switzerland

Film-maker Uga Carlini.

It is a world first and a Fish Hoek first. Film-maker Uga Carlini has just wowed Switzerland with her gruelling but beautiful South African story of survival – the telling of Alison’s story.

Ms Carlini has just returned from the world’s first Blockchain Film Festival and Filmmart held in Switzerland, The International Innovation Film Festival (IIFF).

There, she bagged two of the biggest awards up for grabs – Best Director and Best Screenplay – for her multi-award winning hybrid feature, Alison, (“Alison’s story of hope”, False Bay Echo, June 9, 2018; and “Global award for film-maker”, False Bay Echo, March 29, 2018).

Part documentary, part feature film, Alison is based on the true-life events of Alison Botha’s savage attack, stabbing and rape.

Her ordeal captured the hearts of generations of South Africans, not for the horror alone, but for Alison’s heroic survival.

Ms Botha went on to become a motivational speaker and her book, I have Life, became a Penguin Random House best seller.

The anticipation of the hybrid film, first screened in 2016, was as intense as the story. And it delivered, punch by punch.

Under Ms Carlini’s touch, the gory story became a testimony to strength of character and an unfailing love of life.

Ms Carlini first saw Alison speak at her high school. She was spellbound the instant Alison spoke, and she said she knew right then, that she was wanted to bring this story to life.

She has delivered on that promise many times over, with the movie garnering support world-wide for its sensitive and empowering stance.

In Switzerland, when receiving her awards, Ms Carlini said: “I am very honoured to be awarded here, where block chain meets the creative.

“Every time there is an award and the blood, sweat, tears, responsibility, passion, good and bad times gets recognised it’s the elixir that keeps one going. “

The movies is a melding of fairy tale idiom and unflinching frankness and the magical, feminine element proved to be a beautiful medium for this story of survival, resilience and triumph.

Alison was dubbed “a story of monsters, miracles and hope”.

It is this desire to tell women’s stories that birthed the 100% female-owned, production company, Towerkop Creations, of which she is the founding member.

Based in Cape Town, it successfully expanded to Los Angeles last year; although Fish Hoek remains home to Ms Carlini.

Alison the movie made history by becoming a much loved movie on Amazon Prime in 2018.

Ms Carlini has fast become one of South Africa’s most versatile and celebrated directors.

Her extensive film experience, both in front and behind the camera, has stretched across South Africa, the United Kingdom, The United States, Australia, and Fiji.

This year is set to be another notable one for the Fish Hoek resident as she gears to partner with more creatives.

Her next projects include the music video 17 Shots for Sony Music Africa, her much anticipated hybrid, From Meton with Love and her debut fiction feature Angeliena.