Hands off The Galley

Brian Pittman, Fish Hoek

I have been resident in Fish Hoek for some five years now and was absolutely flabbergasted to note a proposed petition promulgating the closure of The Galley on the beachfront with the objection being the slow service of the establishment.

For heaven’s sake, my first thought was that if it was a case of slow service then surely the proposers should advocate the closure of the banks, the post office and virtually every other service establishment in Fish Hoek (I exclude, of course, the petrol stations whose service remains of the best that one could get anywhere).

As an afterthought one might advocate the closure of every government department in the country as they are almost non-existent when it comes to fast and efficient service delivery.

Since moving to Fish Hoek, I have often been to The Galley for a cup of tea, a glass of wine and, on quite a few occasions, a meal. Yes, the service is slow, but then if I wanted to sit down, eat and rush off I would suggest that one goes to the Spur or Barracudas (both in close proximity to the beachfront).

Yes, I agree that the service might be a tad slow, but to counterbalance that the waitresses are so friendly and helpful, the surroundings absolutely pleasing and the food when it arrives is superb.

Why then I ask myself does anybody want to close down this establishment. Could it be an ulterior motive to make the area available for, and I pray not, a liquor outlet, a fast food establishment or a fish-and-chips shop?

I am not privy to any of these possibilities, but what I do know is that Mathea Eichel and her husband, Herbie, run a very fine establishment, employing some 100 staff, donating to countless institutions in Fish Hoek and educating youngsters in the area.

I believe they are responsible as well for many of the improvements in the close vicinity (toilets, children’s park, parking area, etc). Other than the above, I have seen countless touring buses, not only during the holiday season, stopping off at The Galley and have on occasion, while enjoying a meal there, witnessed the absolute joy of the tourists being entertained by the staff singing and entertaining them.

I understand as well, that on a Friday evening the “old folk” enjoy a dance-along at The Galley and, from a personal view, this is enjoyed by all attending.

Tell me why then an establishment such as this one should be closed because the “service is too slow”. Come up with a better reason, and even then I will oppose it.